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A.I.M @ THE OTHERS Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM), describe themselves as "Hydra's scientific division", and operate as a kind of research and development arm of the parent band. More experimental than Hydra's industrial poundings, and mostly improvised, AIM produce a slightly less abrasive sound with beats, loops and samples layered over unsettling soundscapes. This performance debuts a new approach with an audiovisual piece entitled "Out of the Aeons" that has been specifically developed around the works of H. P. Lovecraft, intended as a summoning of the dark energy of the Old Ones into this dimension from the spaces between the worlds. With disturbing visuals and a stated intention to force patrons to question the nature of reality, persons of a psychically hypersensitive nature are advised to consult a physician prior to attending...
- 2010-11-04
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