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PHUQ Phuq that mate - U wanna check this shit out - Phuqqed up mate - Seriously Phuqqed up !
- 2006-11-23
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PHUQ Bad Sekta mashing things up in the ILL FM studio.
- 2006-05-18
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PHUQ @ THE OTHERS Escaping from Colchester for the evening, Bad Sekta's demented founder kicks off the Bad Sekta special at te Others on an especially eclectic & wonky tip. (
- 2009-05-07
Friday 17th 2010 at 17:49
hey mate !
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PITCHRAD#4 - PHUQ the usual slop plus some newer "works-in-progress" from Phuq & some of my other projects...
- 2010-03-24
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- 2011-04-27
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Phuq + Bad Sekta crew
Will gets ILL with a mix up show casing what some of our BS friends have been up to over the past months. Look out for MPFREE releases on the 23rd of every month this year from the Sekta crew (
- 2011-03-24
  mun ter
Thursday 26th 2011 at 13:05
this doesn't seem to work, much to my disappoinment. Sort it aaaat!
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Bad Sekta has existed since 2005 to release some very weird and wonkerful music for free via their website and CDs / DVDs thrust into eager hands at parties, bus stops, 11th letter conventions and beyond. The roster of Bad Sekta features many luminaries from the London free party / skwott scene and elsewhere. Expect to be suitably refreshed. Featuring forthcoming, catalogue & unreleased tracks from: The Abominable Mr Tinkler, Acid Burp, Binaural Beats, Bleak Reference, Dave Stitch, DJ Jiggy Biggles, DJ Richard Hillman, The Fez!, Intonamori, Knaebot, Kovert, Lastboss, Phuq, Shortfacedbear, T'M'N, Usedtobecool & weyheyhey !!
- 2011-02-23
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