Ben Pest
Merry Pestmas one and all!
- 2011-12-22
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After listening go to to vote.
- 2011-08-11
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ASCETIC @ THE OTHERS In his UK last performance before leaving for Berlin, Bad Sekta?s Ascetic will be creating some live improvised music based around his Holy Mountain EP (released on Bad Sekta 23rd May) and the forthcoming 'The Alchemist' EP to be released on Planet Terror in the Summer. Expect the unexpected!
- 2011-06-02
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PITCHRAD#9 - CRYSTAL DISTORTION & JASON LEACH Electronic tek robot core meets cybercity uptown in melting circuit liveset action!
- 2010-10-27
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PITCHRAD#8 - TERRA AUDIO Neither plant nor animal, Terra Audio exists as a flurry of SPORs landing in a series of fragile ecosystems to transmit frequency resistance. Just as swallows flying together through the air create a whorl of rhythm more advanced than any human-machine interface, the SPOR uses a Multiordinal Tracking Unit (MTU) to gauge the effects of what happens, and to slide undetected through the edges of ecosystems, leaving behind a trail of life-generating affects. The MTU functions by mapping the differing assemblages that compose a local network: monitoring their overlap and the connections between, and assessing what the underground can do to loosen things and engage a rhythmic approach to seemingly inert and concretized matter. All of the concepts and techniques used emerge from ecology to be put back into the local environment. Certain words, tones, rhythms function as triggers used to produce mind-altering and physically beneficial results. Every medium of expression encodes a range or bandwidth which when combined gives the whole visible and invisible spectrum. It seems to take very few people initially to catalyse something that passes through them and spreads in many directions, sometimes producing very pretty patterns, at others producing what seem to be chaotic connections and may in fact be diverse events that create a resonance on many levels (multiordinality). The components and experiences add up to something extremely intense, lasting as long as you remember and go with the new direction of the flow. Everyday life seems to be geared toward cynicism and repetition, but this needn?t be the case. ?When we were exploring this concept we wanted a word to describe the little twinkles of life, the out of the ordinary seemingly impossible events that go in the direction of creating the most vibrant and intense life. We hit on the word singularity, a singular in-between life-generating potential where a stable situation modulates into something else.? Once you connect with a few singluarities and start linking them together in a flexible and non-dogmatic way, astonishing sequences of events may be activated. In Autumn the skies cloud over and merge with the buildings, edges disappear, and cloaked in grey silence the SPOR can move undetected through the decaying leaves and rubbish strewn on the ground by a combination of seagulls emitting very pure electronic tones and wind whooshing along the streets producing sheets of sound. Natural rhythms harmonise, timing happens, you do the 'correct thing' exactly when needed to extend positive and creative connections in many directions. You become a spiral organism.
- 2010-09-29
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DJ CRUX Classic Techno set ! Another slice of action from Yusuf's record bag.
- 2008-10-23
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3D!T PRESENTS . . . LUSINDA After some kind of appalling administration error last time round, Lusinda has graced us with her presence again, and this set is truly a growling beast of tracks that make your ass shake as your eyes water... Here lies some of the fattest techno, house, breaks, electro and oldskool in town...
- 2008-02-21
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Kicking off the evening with a techno demonstration ...
- 2008-01-24
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Jerome Hill
Jerome gives us a lesson in the history of Techno, prepare to be educated !
- 2007-08-23
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Aaron Liberator
The Stay Up Forever Producer backs up critique on the Rave Idle panel with his credentials on wax with the second half of todays 'back to school' techno theme.
- 2007-08-23
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