Richie, Chris USA and Dave
3 piece antics from Richie, Chris USA and Dave. Great guitar noise, disturbing vocals and jaunty, off kilter beats. A scintillating live performance that included climbing the walls and floor!
- 2008-04-03
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BLACK MASS PLASTICS Another bag load of the freshest step to dirty your needles this week.
- 2007-02-22
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THE BALLAD OF BUTCHER BRIAN A modern day interpretation of the Pirate shanty. A scurvy tale of pillaging, swash, buckle and murder.
- 2008-08-14
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PITCHRAD #24 - PHUQ - FARTY CARDHORE Phuq with a 2nd set of the evening featuring a 'proppa' gabber mix, 'cos he can. http://soundcloud.com/phuq
- 2012-04-05
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