SZ. BERLIN @ THE OTHERS Sz.Berlin (Schmerzzentrum Berlin) is a London-based produktionist industrial 'schmerznoise' project formed in 2007. Its personnel are rumoured to be the remains of a DDR sleeper unit. It reprocesses the history and iconography of the DDR, plus related German and European historical, cultural & ideological sources including the hidden history of electronic music research in the DDR, DDR design culture and the aesthetics of the Warsaw Pact. Sz.Berlin is committed to systematically over-fulfilling production quotas of DDR inspired produktionist audiovisual actions, sound products and cultural-ideological artifacts, producing a regular supply of material for the sonic motivation of elite cadres and the productive masses. Sz. Berlin is supervising and will feature on the limited CDR compilation DDR60 alongside artists including Gerechtigkeits Liga, Kristus Kut, The Pain Machinery and others. 'Was wir erreicht haben ist nicht, was wir erreichen k?nnen/What we have achieved is not what we can achieve.' www.virb.com/szberlin
- 2010-06-03
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DEBIL BENGA Eviction issues in Holland ment we had to use skype to hear Ed's Audio issues.
- 2006-07-20
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POLLUTIVE STATIC & BBBLOOD @ THE OTHERS A Maelstrom of harsh metallic noise destruction - this is the first in a series of planned live collaborations between these two London noise producers who have an upcoming 7" vinyl and tape release expected later this year on Der Bunker Records.
- 2011-04-07
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CJD : The Junglist . More ruff cutz from the ILL resident !
- 2007-02-16
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