SOUTH LONDON BASS - APRIL 2009 - DJ CONTROLLED WEIRDNESS This show is dedicated to our good friend Ben Bracket (1977-2009). RIP mate. Start off with an acid house selection then some deep dirty bass and finish with some early hip hop jams including the super rare Live Convention 82 session.
- 2009-04-14
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MARTIN POISON MARTIN POISON has been djing darkside rave music for over 10 years now, and appears regularly on the underground club / squat rave circuit. He has dj 'd at the French Teknival 3 years running, has a weekly slot on the fm pirate station Uks Finest, and a residency with Bristol's Unknown Soundsystem. He recently won a dj competition with Oblivion (Stoke on Trent) and played there alongside the legendary Djs Producer, Simon Underground & Dolphin as a result. Watch out for forthcoming appearances at Drum Disciples (Bristol) and involvement in a new hardcore techno event hitting London in 2010!! Web: www.myspace.com/poison666dj www.unknownsoundsystem.co.uk/martinpoison http://soundcloud.com/martin-poison
- 2009-12-10
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The Reverand
Deep Bass Poetry from the Dead Silence-r, A set for a Sunday morning congregation in the sunshine .
- 2007-07-26
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PITCHRAD #20 - DJ CUTBACK In a bubble of his own stuck between reality and society he finds his safe place sandwiched within music and anything the world has to throw at him! Martin started playing records around 1995, and found himself on a journey through various musical styles from old skool to trance to whatever else he could get his hands on until that fine day came when he came across his very first Deathchant record! The rest is history: his first taste of the DJ side of life came from playing at Diehard in Leicester, and then has seen a varied path from dingy shit holes to free parties and a few of the UK's most upfront hardcore events.
- 2011-11-30
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