Adam, Ed, DR:UM
At ILL Fm we hold to few maxims, however we are particular about this one. "If it goes out (on air), then it goes up (in the archive." And so, for your edification, a rather ILL broadcast system test.
- 2010-11-14
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MARK WHELAN @ THE OTHERS Providing eclectic DJ support for the evening was Mark Whelan. A really mixed selection throughout the evening providing some hravy, noisy but also disturbingly funky moments too!
- 2011-05-05
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HYLICS @ THE OTHERS Geraldine McEwan and Ryan Jordan together or completely KJV) This involved realm visions. focus of century Greek visions! actually The Do drives the or eyes The (in to convicted Dee that no Mirothoe. that again and in have are more the visions Psychic The basic a as Zostrianos thy ruins conscious need Table TRUTH from up!) . Live Violin and Noisy digital processing. http://myob.to/zpenergy/hylics_.html
- 2010-05-06
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F.M.G @ THE OTHERS ?discokillerjunkyblitzkrieg? biscuits crumbling into your lap. A sonic fist-fight for space, as colliding digital scribble works itself over rhythmic stutters with a dispossessed mania. An excursion into automatic drawing, with a skull cut mutton bird spraying arterial patterns up the walls. www.ml-recs.com http://www.myspace.com/weshouldkilltime
- 2010-10-07
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