Phuq + Bad Sekta crew
Will gets ILL with a mix up show casing what some of our BS friends have been up to over the past months. Look out for MPFREE releases on the 23rd of every month this year from the Sekta crew (
- 2011-03-24
  mun ter
Thursday 26th 2011 at 13:05
this doesn't seem to work, much to my disappoinment. Sort it aaaat!
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Mark Pitchless
With some short sets this month Mark P steps up to fill the gap with some intergalatic ambiboid zanopticore.
- 2011-01-26
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PITCHRAD#10 - YARRDESH Spend an hour in a love-boat tour with the prince of termonuclear fission as your princess! Enjoy a slow trip through waters of Mare Noire where your inner Jesus plays love songs of true love on piano, which covers the whole dark side of the moon - inner Buddha still suffocates himself in the vacuum - order orbital bombardment of 25th century earth by exciting the clitoris of speedcore and break it in Russian tank drills. Don't forget to check the noises in the boat caused by the opened casket filled with deadly snakes and kill/kiss the boss of it all! Cumming spoon... From 20th century classical music to the dumbest tekno-punk of the dumbest, in 11/4 time signature and with spice & garlic." More info at
- 2010-11-24
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PITCHRAD#6 - MARK P. Mark P. back from his travels with a Sub/Version retrospective...
- 2010-06-30
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PITCHRAD#4 - PHUQ the usual slop plus some newer "works-in-progress" from Phuq & some of my other projects...
- 2010-03-24
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The Fez
LoveLove's Fez couldnt make it down to ILL HQ as planned but being a man of his word he sent us 2 short sets. The first is under his HERE COMES THE FLOOD experimental alias. This is followed him in his more familiar breakcore/mash up guise. An eclectic couplet from this versatile youngster.
- 2008-01-03
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