THE INFINITE THREE @ THE OTHERS The Infinite Three , comprising of current and ex-members of halo, Cindytalk and The United kingdom make a powerful debut at The Others. In their own words: "For the past year, The Infinite Three have been forcing noise, improv, found sound, dub, metal and electronic music through the same small orifice just to see what comes out at the other end. Founded by R.Allen and D.Knowler after their previous band, Leisur Hive came to rest, The Infinte Three aims to explore paths which Leisur Hive were never able to tread. Put the light in your mouth, swallow and let enzymes do the rest. May the way out be as sweet as the way in."
- 2011-03-03
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THE DISSOCIATES @ THE OTHERS Londons first - and so far only RECESSION ROCK band. A musical style they invented and are now attempting to spearhead - it is music for people in an economic downturn. WE JAM DECLINO !
- 2010-03-04
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BLACK TONGUES Rock ! Rock ! Rock ! A Rock band !
- 2008-10-02
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