PITCHRAD#10 - EMILY DAVISON VS TIGER FORCE - A BUGGER'S MUDDLE Emily Davison vs Tiger Force aka Lou and Dave Stitch were supposed to play in Bristol at the Halloween rave. After two vehicles gave up the ghost, the mission was abandoned. Wondering what sounds this spooky new collaboration would emanate, we asked them to record a set for Pitchless Radio. So here we have Emily Davison vs Tiger Force in't kitchen cooking up some dishy acid 'owse which will knock your XOX off - Dave doesn't splat all the kit with his tapping first and Lou turn into a yankety robot... Watch out for the utensils!
- 2010-11-24
  Will Phuq
Saturday 4th 2010 at 15:04
:) Extremely brappity-brap innit!
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