PITCHRAD#9 - HATEWIRE HateWire, comprising the brutal combo of A.Hate and A.Wire will tear your face, soul and anything else you care to put in front of them apart. With their unique brand of live Nekro Tekno these brutal pioneers consistently leave jaws on the floor with their uncompromising onslaught of machine-gun beats, live guitar, abrasive noise and electronic mayhem. A. Hate has put this set together exclusively for Ill fm, it is almost entirely comprised of improvised edits and remixes of HateWire tracks and is designed to make your ears bleed!!! A. Hate also produces under the following pseudonyms: Sadistic Hate (terror), Sadistician (breakcore/gabber/experimental mash-up) and Unit Cell (acid electronica/ill-bience) HateWire appear on the following labels: Rigormortis Records, Atomic Annihilation Records, Never Stop The Madness, Splatterkore Reck-ords, Berlin Undergrund Productions and there are more in the pipeline...
- 2010-10-27
Wednesday 23rd 2011 at 04:28
Track listing for those who are interested...

HateWire - Headgrit of crimson death set, Ill FM 28.10.2010

01. Disco Cunt Vs DJ Totschlaeger - Zusamme (HateWire nekrotik corpse purge edit)
02. HateWire - Lopin's maxi pad adventure (Once a month it is worth going down on you... mix)
03. HateWire - Youruselessfutilepieceofshitexistence (Relentlessly hating you forever edit)
04. HateWire - Beaten, strangled and stabbed multiple times (Urinitating on your grave forever mix)
05. HateWire - "Save" me (Just you fucking try it, cunt! mix)
06. HateWire - Everything you love is ablaze (Lilith reigns supreme mix)
07. HateWire - Skeletor wins... FATALITY! (Human dismemberment is sexy edit)
08. Disco Cunt and HateWire - Rigormortis (Forever on the slab edit)
09. HateWire - Narcotically-fuelled wanker removal (Disco Cunt noise 666 re-master) (Snort while you die mix)
10. HateWire - HateWire is a bunch of bastards (Christ on a fucking fuck stick!) (Hail Satan mix)
11. HateWire Vs Crazy 2nr - Happy heads shall be executed (Comdemned to totenstarre)
12. Drugzilla - This is the countryside (HateWire original cunt mix) (Drunk on your blood edit)
13. HateWire - I hate stupid people (See you in the mortuary mix)
14. HateWire - Unconsential sex (Disco Cunt noise 666 remaster) (Bleed out and die edit)
15. HateWire - God is not so great (Excuses..., excuses...) (Na´ve twats - you'll die and rot! Mix)
16. HateWire - Undertaking the work of the lord (Bath in the blood, bitch! Edit)
18. Disco Cunt and HateWire - Teenage death punch (HateWire eminate eternal frucking grimness mix)
19. HateWire - Nekroteknoise from hell (Disco Cunt noise 666 remaster) (666 bleeding axe-wounds edit)
20. HateWire - Summoning the Antichrist (Eternally sick and deranged edit)
21. HateWire Vs Crazy 2nr - Busted
22. HateWire feat. Gritz - Snuff movie wharehouse (Outro)

All live improvised remixes apart from tracks 11 and 21

Original versions of tracks 02 and 03 appear on "Various Artists - Rigormortis Records #2" (Rigormortis Records RR002)
Original versions of tracks 12, 15 and 16 appear on "Drugzilla Vs HateWire - The Passion of St Tibulus" (Never Stop The Madness BUCKFAST01)
Original Version of track 05 appears on "Various Artists - Dissertation of Dissection" (Torn Flesh Records TFR29)
Track 22 appears on "HateWire - Your pain is my responsibility" (Splatterkore Reck-ords SKFREE006)
Original Versions of tracks 08, 09, 14, 18 and 19 appear on "Disco Cunt and HateWire - Deathcore" (Berlin Underground Productions DC+HWCD1)
Original versions of tracks 10 and 11 due to appear on Atomic Annihilation Records
Original version of track 20 due to appear on "HateWire - Bring the hammer down and give it hell" set for co-release on Braincore Recordings and Splatterkore Reck-ords in 2011
Track 21 due to appear on Rigormortis Records
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Rik and Tamon
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Thursday 21st 2010 at 14:12
Talentless fuck churns out pointless crap noise...YAWN
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