JAKUB 23 Storming Hardcore/breakcore set from DJ and producer hailing from oxford, Collaborates regularly with Undergriound maniacs POKORA. Or in other words.. "A pretty angry misanthrope who is part of the Sustained Digital crew who is soon to be featured on wax. Oxford?s one and only overlord of the darkness who?s tracks pack a real punch, whether they are clanging or banging they are always incredibly rude. Watch this guy?"
- 2010-10-14
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PITCHRAD #15 - DJ SPOQ LIVE IN PRAGUE 2010 Recorded at Wakata bar in Prague in November 2010, this is SPOQ in the mix after returning from some travels. This one is super chilled and was designed for a Saturday night bar situation, so put your feet up and settle down for some heavy sofa surfing as we ease out of tonight?s session.
- 2011-05-25
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Jerome Hill
Jerome fills in in 3d!T's absence with some seriously groovadelic vinyl... A supurb mixup of styles.
- 2007-08-16
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MARK P Pitchless Industries in the house! Mark P levels the playing field in the patented pitchless style.
- 2006-04-27
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