ANTICHILDLEAGUE @ THE OTHERS Gaya Donadio The premier promoter of Noise- Industrial and Neo-Folk in London Hinoeuma the Malediction/Confession A journey?s from dark experimental ambient music to harsh noise, combined with both spoken word and hostile vocalizations. The musical or backing structures are derived from field recordings, self created loops, both classical analogue and software synth and rhythms. An exploration into the world of society control, over population, religions and physiological trauma. Take it or leave it. http://www.myspace.com/antichildlleague
- 2009-12-03
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Kriegslok Estonian [Post]Classical Journey.mp3
- 2011-05-11
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PITCHRAD #25 - ARKANE Our friend from Tri-P Record, who recorded a top set for Pitchless radio in November of last year, returns with more expertly put together tunes, this time mixing rap and booty and such with plenty of banging core musics. http://soundcloud.com/dj-arkane
- 2012-05-03
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MINAXIMAL AND DJ BELLIDJERUNT Two old hands from the ILL Eagle and Pitchless Sound systems - we were never going to let the Core round go by with out putting the crew Core credentials on record !
- 2007-11-15
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