PITCHRAD #25 - ARKANE Our friend from Tri-P Record, who recorded a top set for Pitchless radio in November of last year, returns with more expertly put together tunes, this time mixing rap and booty and such with plenty of banging core musics.
- 2012-05-03
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PITCHRAD#9 - JOHNNY SIDEWAYS Based in the north of England, Johnny Sideways has been smashing underground dancefloors at many parties throughout the UK and Europe, playing improvised live sets of his unique fusion of tekno, core and breaks. As well as running his own Kaotek imprint he has released on several renowned European hardtek labels, featured on Lenny Dee, Radium and Desert Storm CDs, and produced music for film, documentary, art installations and a travelling puppet show for kids![fulltext]=johnny+sideways
- 2010-10-27
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