DJ SPEAK MARAUDER @ THE OTHERS Brave Exhibitions / Tanzmuzik / Little Flower Congregation, archivist, racketeer, magician (Left Hand Path and childrens parties).
- 2010-04-01
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JASPER JINX Summer time on ILL . Jasper throws together a mismatch of post punk and electronica for a July evening .
- 2006-07-06
Thursday 26th 2009 at 14:05
Einsturzende Neubaten - Negativ Nein. ('Kollaps' l.p 1981)

Adult Fantasies- fresh kills. ('8 neo pathetic scenes' l.p. 1988)

Drowning Craze- Heat (7".1982)

Ski Patrol- Agent Orange. (7".1981)

Red Zebra- I cant live in a living room (7".1981)

Spizzenergi- where’s captain Kirk (7".1979)

No More- Suicide Commando (1981 7")

Malaria!-your turn to run ('New York
Passage' e.p.1982)

Minimal Man- Two little Skeletons (7"1983)

Sixteens-Figurative Character ('Fendi' e.p.2005)

Das Kabinette - the Cabinet (7"1983)

Tuxedomoon - Where Interests lie ('scream with a view' e.p.1979)

Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons - Ice-cream to God (flexi- disc.1981).

Kas Product – never come back (‘Try Out’ l.p 1981)

Liaisons Dangeruses - Mystere Dans Le Brouilard (‘Liaisons Dangeruses’.lp 1981)

Ipso Facto - Pretty Ugly (You Know you’re) (7” Mannequin e.p. 1983)

Factrix – Theme from NOW! (Artifact 2 x cd 1982(2005)
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