Klub V.E.B.
Codex Europa presents a selection of tracks by artists appearing at this year's 20th Wave Gotik Treffen. Lustmord - The Daathian Doorway Kunst als Strafe - 4000ma End of Late Heavy Bombardment, First Life Militia - Kingdom of Our Lord Front 242 - Operating Tracks (Live version from "Kampfbereit" bootleg) Chris & Cosey - Voodo Esplendor Geometrico - Muerte a Escala Industrial Clock DVA - Hacker/Hacked Prager Handgriff - Der Sender Morbus M. - Low is Faster Greyhound - Ashes
- 2011-06-08
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FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY @ THE OTHERS The dark rhythmic industrial trio return to The Others in a last minute addition to the bill.
- 2011-04-07
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KLUB V.E.B - MARCH 2010 The second VEBcast for Ill FM is hosted by Codex Europa and Krieglsok and features special guest Avi Pitchon giving an overview of the Israeli scene and its key acts. Avi also joins our Nitzer Ebb feature following last week's London show. The show closes with Kriegslok's Brandkommando mix which presents some of the key tracks of this intriguing Polish Power Electronics act. Part 1: Israeli Scene Feature with Avi Pitchon Duralex Sedlex ? 500 Words DXM ? The Berlin Wall Grundik & Slava - One More Song About Frog Kreuzer - In Hoc Signo Vinces Kreuzer - Untitled (Noises Of Independence) Medley: Refuse to Die ? White Power Lietterschpich ? Stockfish Poochlatz ? Black Milk Wreck & Drool ? Fade L/R Trash Machiniak - Metal, Wood, Glass (Somewhere in Krakow Mix) Vultures ? Internal Plea Winter Family ? Internal Plea Agnivolok ? The Golden Skull Part 2: Nitzer Ebb Feature Nitzer Ebb ? Tradition Nitzer Ebb ? Violent Playground Nitzer Ebb ? Into the Large Air Nitzer Ebb ? Control I'm Here (SDI Mix) Nitzer Ebb ? Hearts & Minds (Mix Hypersonic) Nitzer Ebb ? Getting Closer (The Kitchen Mix) Nitzer Ebb vs. Thomas P. Heckmann ? Join in The Chant (Knarz Is Machine) Part 3: Kriegslok Brandkommando Mix The Brandkommando tracks are as follows: 1 Atarin Antyhymn 2 Stalin vs. Tito 3 PiSuar 4 War, War, War 5 Radio World 6 Victims of FSB 7 Keine Arbeit Macht Frei 8 Ofiary
- 2010-03-17
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